Orphan Corps Shepherds

What are Hospitaller Orphan Corps Shepherds?

The unfotunate by product of war is orphans. The Hospitallers would rather this not happen and as part of their mission, go through great lengths to keep families safe and together.

War often has other plans.

So when children without families are found, a Shepherd is sent for. The Shepherd is a specially trained Hospitaller whose primary goal is the safety of an orphan – or orphans as sometimes is the case – and their safe transport out of a combat zone and hopefully to a Hospitaller orphanage where they would be safe and loved.

In the Lost Sheep series, Sgt Kori Eldersun is pulled from his duties to fill the role of a Shepherd for a squad of young orphans being transferred off world to a new home. That should be easy, right? When the plans go awry, Kori must use wits and new-found allies to fix the mess he believes he’s made.

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