Last Wave

Is being alone worse than death?

Acharon has no interest in finding out. He and Sovelet are two of the last humans on Earth. They’ve lived an idyllic existence on their man-made island over the decades. For Acharon, these have been good times, quiet times.

Life, though, has other plans.

Murphy’s suicide and Sovelet’s medical diagnosis have shattered the illusion Acharon has so carefully crafted. There is no more sitting and watching sunsets while humanity winds down to extinction. 

Not if he wants to save Sovelet’s life.

To do so, Acharon and Sovelet must face a city gone wild. A city that hasn’t seen a human in decades and has no fear of them. It is a city filled with dangers and bad memories. But Acharon will face everything to keep Sovelet alive and safe.

Death will come in time, but not without a fight. Not if Acharon has any say in the matter.

In the tradition of Earth AbidesDog Stars, and On The Beach, Last Wave explores what it is to be human and what it means to be alive.

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