Welcome to the Apocalypse!

There’s a group of writers giving away some dystopian and post-apocalypse reads over on Instafreebie starting the 1st of February. Very romantic. If by romantic you mean the end of all good things. 🙂

Go get you some!

Incredible Worlds Science Fiction Giveaway

Not to be ignored: the future. Up to 50! stories you can lay your hands on for free. (I say free, but you do have to join the authors’ mailing lists, so there’s that.) But, hey, the future. Am I right? I am. Starts 1st of February. Get clicking. Get reading.

What comes after Last Wave?

When you finish Last Wave, you might be curious what happens next. I’m working on it even as I type. (Well, obviously not as I type this. But when I’m done….)